To contact Tempest Jewelry, email Miranda Kyger at miranda.kyger@gmail.com.
Custom pieces available by request.

Miranda Kyger has been making jewelry since she could tie her own shoes. She sold seashell necklaces by the sea shore, made original origami adornments and tied friendship bracelets for everyone she knew. Eventually she upgraded to gemstones and precious metals yet continues to create Tempest Jewelry with the same magical spark that inspired her earliest pieces. 

Miranda learned metalsmithing at Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco. She now lives in Boulder, Colorado where she has a small studio in the foothills of the Rocky mountains. To protect the environment that inspires her, Miranda uses recycled silver and gold and the best in non-treated, natural and rare gems and minerals. Miranda combines these elements with love, carefully crafting each piece of Tempest Jewelry to stand the test of time.

Metal and goldsmith, Miranda Kyger, works on a custom bezel setting

Tempest Jewelry by Miranda Kyger can be purchased at private events, online here, and at the following boutiques:
COLORADO  Arrow Wood
VIRGINIA  The Yellow Button, Bliss

Miranda specializes in creating custom modern heirloom pieces–email her here with inquiries.